Section 3: Foundation for Growth and Agility

IT Master Plan initiatives in Section 3 focus on creating a secure, integrated technology environment with fewer logins and increased mobility as well as easily accessible, user-friendly enterprise information systems.

Initiative 8: Information Security

Elevate the role for security planning and management beyond IT by creating a University-wide Cyber Security Team and CISO position empowered to implement a comprehensive security strategy designed to mitigate current and anticipated future risks.

Initiative 9: iNtegrate 2

Implement new human resources and finance systems to reduce labor-intensive manual processes, decrease duplication of effort, improve tracking, and increase self-service options. The new systems are designed to integrate well with existing applications, improve data integrity, enhance security, and provide better access to information for decision-making and reporting.

Initiative 10: Identity Management and Single Sign-on

Establish an identity management program to improve the efficiency of user account administration, increase information security, improve collaboration and simplify access to resources and data.

Initiative 11: Mobility

Meet the growing expectations for mobile access to information and services in a manner that is expeditious, secure, sustainable, and focused on improving university services.