Enabling the UNLV Mission

The IT Master Plan includes initiatives and action items designed to further UNLV’s mission as expressed in the institution’s Core Themes. In addition, the Plan is designed to align with UNLV’s Top Tier vision to be “ . . . recognized as a top tier public university in research, education, and community impact.”

The Enabling the UNLV Mission view of the Plan highlights how the Plan creates a technology foundation for achieving each core theme and supports key top tier objectives associated with each core theme.

UNLV IT Master Plan: Enabling the Mission
Section A: Provide technology services to Promote Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity
Section B: Provide technology services to Advance Student Achievement
Section C: Provide technology services to Create an Academic Health Center
Section D: Provide technology services to Foster Community Partnerships

Each section includes:

  • An overview of the university's strategy to meet each theme's objectives
  • Highlights of how each initiative provides technology changes to support the theme
  • Additional action items to meet core theme needs