Section 6: Appendix Overview

Appendix A: UNLV Technology Community

A full list of the UNLV technology community, which includes the OIT, Technology Liaisons, and other members of both academic and administrative ‘distributed technology’, as well as external and internal entities that impact the technology environment at UNLV.

Appendix B: ITMP Strategic Issues

The list of strategic technology issues identified in the Current Information Technology Environment Report (February 2013). The strategic initiatives described in the Plan are intended to address these strategic issues.

Appendix C: Work Session Meeting Recaps

Recaps are provided from each of the Strategic Technology Planning work sessions. These are intended to demonstrate the process that we undertook.

Appendix D: Resource Options

Provides additional details and background information for considering strategies to resource plan initiatives.

Appendix E: IT Service Management Background

Provides background information fundamental concepts associated with a best practice approach to IT Service Delivery.

Appendix 1: Governance of IT

  1. UNLV Information Technology Governance Group Membership and Charges.

Appendix 3: IT Leadership (CIO) and Coordination

  1. General CIO Responsibilities

Appendix 4: IT Projects

  1. UNLV IT Project Review Process

Appendix 5: IT Service Coordination

  1. Developing the IT Service Portfolio and the IT Service Catalog
  2. List of Common Good Services at the University of Minnesota

Appendix 6: Sustaining Technology Investments

  1. Building a New Model for Sustaining IT Investments

Appendix 8: Information Security

  1. UNLV Cyber Security Team Membership and Charges

Appendix 10: Identity Lifecycle Management

  1. Examples of current challenges that can be resolved with an effective identity management program
  2. Identity Management Implementation Three-Year Action Plan as Provided by OIT

Appendix 11: Mobility

  1. Current UNLV Native Mobile Applications
  2. Map of Current UNLV Wireless Coverage on March 1, 2016

Appendix 12: Enterprise-wide Document Management

  1. Academic Program Needs for Document Management

Appendix 13: Data Management for Institutional Effectiveness and Decision-making

  1. UNLV Data Governance & Business Intelligence Background

Appendix F: Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

This glossary provides brief definitions of acronyms, key terms and concepts that are relevant to this Plan. Most definitions were provided by Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, Version 26.3, The Computer Language Company Inc., Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania, 2013.