Student Highlights

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Learn, Work, & Network Anywhere, Anytime

Dynamic high-achieving students integrate their education pursuits, personal lives, and community connections

IT Master Plan creates an untethered UNLV IT environment

  • Robust, ubiquitous wireless services
  • 24/7 computer labs
  • Mobile-first strategy for campus applications
  • Virtual IT labs for remote access to academic software
  • Fast, reliable network
  • Web conferencing facilitates virtual faculty office hours, tutoring, group work
  • Support for mobile devices in field instruction
  • Online, just-in-time, technical training resources
  • UNLVMobile App annual enhancements
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Ease the Business of Being a Student

Students focus their energies on academics and building the connections that foster success

IT Master Plan delivers efficient user-friendly IT systems

  • Single sign-on student portals facilitate access to the IT systems and the information students need
  • Large format printers for conference presentations
  • Easier to find information on UNLV websites
  • Digital signage and improved emergency notification
  • Self-service HR and Finance options for student employees
  • Integrated systems so students update data once
  • Support for mobile devices in field instruction
  • Seamless IT support services across units
  • Print kiosks in multiple campus locations
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Succeed in Top Tier Academics and Research

UNLV motivates students through innovative learning experiences and access to research opportunities

IT Master Plan builds a foundation to support learning and discovery

  • Collaborative IT-enhanced learning spaces
  • Improved learning management system
  • Increased campus IT internships
  • Incentives for innovative mobile app development
  • Infrastructure to facilitate cutting edge research
  • Analytics to support early academic warnings
  • Additional media labs
  • Instructor IT Sandboxes for innovations in teaching
  • Cutting edge virtual technology in School of Medicine
  • Personalized learning technologies improve outcomes
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Thrive in a Connected, Supportive Community

Supportive engagement increases retention, boosts learning, and enhances post-graduate opportunities

IT Master Plan cultivates student engagement through IT solutions

  • Data analytics and reporting tools to assess diversity
  • Customer relationship management tools for opt-in targeted student communication
  • IT support for students engaged in community partnerships
  • IT-enhanced collaboration spaces for students
  • Assistive IT for lab and classroom accessibility
  • Teamwork tools for group and class projects
  • IT to support lifelong student connections
  • IT to facilitate special events, debates, athletics
  • Social media support to engage UNLV communities