FY18: Information Sharing & Collaboration Tools

Action Items

Initiative 13: Leveraging Institutional Data Management

13.1 - Develop revised Data Management Plan
Goal - Establish a Data Oversight Committee
Goal - Approve a campus data vision and guiding principles
Goal - Develop and begin implementation of an 18-24 month data management plan to facilitate access to campus data to inform decision making

Initiative 14: Communication and Collaboration Tools

14.1 - Enhance campus digital signage services including emergency notification capabilities
Goal - Implement emergency notification services on digital signage
Goal - Pilot presentation of State of the University Address on digital signage and determine next steps
Goal - Pilot live captioning capabilities for video streaming on digital signage to prepare for Fall 2018 State of University Address
14.3 - Support dashboard development
Goal - Gather requirements for tools to enhance Top Tier dashboard reporting
Goal - Develop web analytics dashboard for departmental communicators
14.4 - Adopt a web conferencing solution (e.g., WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom)
Goal - Complete procurement of campus Web Conferencing solution and initiate pilot
14.6 - Implement tools to consolidate, coordinate, and analyze the impact of new social media efforts
Goal - University Communications will provide TAC and TRB with analysis of available tools and recommendations for implementation
14.14 - Expand web-conferencing solution to facilitate online office hours, group work, connecting with office guest lecturers, etc.
Goal - Complete procurement of campus Web Conferencing solution and initiate pilot
14.17 - Improve current and provide new tools to enhance timely campus communications about urgent campus issues
Goal - Create UNLV Student Official - a timely, email-based notification system for students