Planning Process Governance

Three new IT governance groups oversee the Plan’s implementation and annual planning cycle. They represent a broad cross-section of campus constituents, to ensure the Plan continues to meet diverse campus needs.

Technology Advisory Committee

Area Represented Members
Campus Technology Vacant, Chief Information Officer, Chair (Lori Temple, Ph.D, Acting Chair)
Executive Vice President & Provost Carl Reiber, Ph.D., Senior Vice Provost
Finance & Business Jean Vock, Vice President for Finance & Business
Student Affairs Juanita Fain, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs
Research & Economic Development Mary Croughan, Ph.D., Vice President for Research & Economic Development
Advancement Vince Alberta, Senior Associate Vice President University Marketing, Communications, and Brand Strategy
Academic Dean Council Brent Hathaway, Ph.D., Dean & Ted and Doris Lee Professor of Business
Faculty Neil Opfer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
Central IT Lori Temple, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Information Technology (Ex-Officio)

Technology Review Board

Area Represented Representative
Cabinet Vacant, Chief Information Officer, Chair (Lori Temple, Ph.D, Acting Facilitator)
Academics Han-Fen Hu
Dave James
Michael McCreery
Helen Neill
Research Kris Davidson
Joe Lombardo
Academic Health Center Wonda Riner
Administrative Units
- Finance & Business
- Student Affairs
- Advancement

Darren Paulson
Kivanc Oner
Joe Winton
UNLV Technical Staff Vicky McLain
Faculty Ju-Yeon Jo
Online Education Beth Barrie
Decision Support Ke Yu
UNLV Libraries Jason Vaughan
Graduate Students Kanani Espinoza
Undergraduate Students Alondra Regalado
Central IT Nick Scheib
DeAnna Shutt

Cyber Security Team

Area Represented Members
Facilitator Lori Temple
Chief Information Officer
- Chief Information Security Officer or designee

Vito Rocco
IT Representatives from Campus Units
- Institutional Analysis & Decision Support
- Engineering
- Finance & Business
- UNLV Libraries
- School of Dental Medicine
- School of Medicine
- Student Affairs
- Supercomputing Center/Research
- Thomas & Mac

Dmitrii Karaulanov
Kari Locke
Stephen Valine
Jonathan Sturak
Michael Mack
Ryan Doyle
Bob Thorson
Kurt Hoff
IT Forum Representative Jonathan Mellor
Central IT
- Desktops
- Network
- Systems

Derek Whitaker
Robert Cray
Glenn Jett