Faculty/Staff Highlights

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Deepen Academic Excellence

Foster student success through excellence in teaching, innovative learning experiences, and mentoring

IT Master Plan provides IT for academic innovation and excellence

  • IT Leadership to champion emerging pedagogy
  • Peer-led faculty development to optimize the benefits of teaching and learning technologies
  • Expanded wireless capacity campus-wide
  • Analytics to enhance RPC and academic decisions
  • Tools for curriculum support and assessment
  • Classrooms designed to support active learning
  • Enhanced campus learning management system
  • Lecture capture services
  • Video streaming solutions for instruction
  • IT Sandbox, facilitated by user groups, to explore innovations in teaching and learning
  • Incentivized technological experimentation in the classroom, laboratory, field, and community
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Reduce Administrative Strain

Focus employees energies on student success, scholarship, and building a Top Tier institution

IT Master Plan delivers efficient user-friendly IT systems

  • Automation of labor-intensive administration tasks
  • Document management system to route, approve, and search forms electronically
  • Coordinated IT services for cross-disciplinary teams
  • Adaptable new employee technology orientation
  • Education to assist employees in protecting data
  • Technologies to reduce IT security threats
  • Cutting edge HR and Finance systems
  • New options for automated computer backup
  • Expedited new employee access to UNLV systems
  • Single sign-on employee portals facilitate access to IT systems and the information staff need
  • Tools to effectively manage information overload
  • Pre-populated constituent groups for shared access and targeted communication
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Stimulate Impactful Research

Create a climate of innovation for high quality, influential research, scholarship, and creative activities

IT Master Plan builds an IT environment that enhances research

  • Leveraged IT purchasing power for research tools
  • Peer-led activities on research technologies
  • Incentivizes technological experimentation and innovation in the laboratory and in the field
  • Helps investigators comply with IT security requirements (e.g., HIPAA, DoD, Export Control)
  • Mobile device support for investigators in the field
  • Research data management plan assistance
  • Access to institutional profile data for grant proposals
  • Expendable, high-speed research network
  • Support for research application developers
  • New research administration tools and interfaces
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Enhance Collaboration

Cultivate a connected and collaborative campus community

IT Master Plan employs technology to promote campus engagement

  • Data analytics and reporting tools to assess diversity
  • Web-conferencing tools facilitate mentorship
  • New collaboration tools enhance engagement
  • Technologies support employees with disabilities
  • Shared technology governance
  • Federated credentials expedite cross-institutional collaboration
  • Applications to engage targeted constituent groups
  • Robust Unified Communication services
  • Web page development assistance
  • Increased awareness of creative design and collaboration tools available at UNLV
  • Training on using multimedia and productivity tools for polished, impactful presentations