Complete the Data Insight Request Form to request access to institutional data. 

(NOTEThis is not a security access request form for Workday. Please contact the UNLV Finance & Business Concierge Office at for Workday access.)  

IMPORTANT: Data available in the Operational Data Lake/Enterprise Data Warehouse is sourced directly from NSHE’s implementation of Workday and UNLV’s implementation of Peoplesoft. Data is available for, but not limited to, current employee information (previously approved for application usage), supervisory organizational hierarchy, mail stops, etc. Additional data structures may be requested and will be considered through appropriate approval and business value-add processes. Protected data elements will require additional security approvals.
All access requests are subject to approval by data owners and may require additional justification beyond information provided on this form. 


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Upon receipt of access I agree to comply with all current UNLV data and computer policies.