A hand holding a blue iClicker student remote.

Student Response Systems, or clickers, as they are more commonly called, are remote control devices that electronically record student responses to questions posed by instructors during class. They encourage participation by all students and can provide immediate feedback about comprehension of material. Clickers are currently in limited use at UNLV.

In a classroom setting, Clickers, or “Response Systems”, allow instructors to ask questions and gather students' responses instantaneously during class sessions. Students can respond to structured questions, along with on-the-fly questions, using either a clicker or a mobile device. Responses and response summaries can be displayed in real time to the participants. These responses are ultimately stored electronically for future viewing and grading.

  • They create a more interactive, engaging learning environment.
  • Data indicates that student attention, interest, and retention of topics increases when they are interactive with the content.
  • Attendance-taking and response collection occur quickly, saving time on taking attendance and grading assignments.
  • Questions can be structured to promote collaboration and critical thinking, especially if a class is divided on which answer is correct.
  • Responses can dictate which concepts need more focus and clarification, and which concepts students grasp more easily.
  • Collect data on course topics or learning preferences throughout the cycle of a course.

The iClicker Cloud application is available on all UNLV Classroom lectern computers!

Traditionally, iClicker Classic has been used at UNLV for polling. iClicker Cloud is now the preferred application for the following reasons:

  • Web-based course setup, attendance, polling, and grading are configurable and accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, whether you use a PC or a MAC. No more flash drives required!
  • If a student has a phone, tablet, or laptop connected to WiFi, they can use it as their response device*. It can also accommodate traditional clickers**.
  • You can ask additional question types, such as Target questions, along with allowing up to 140 character responses on mobile devices.
  • Provides a "safe" way for shy students to participate in classroom discussion.
  • All information and session data is backed up in the Cloud.
  • Grades can sync easily with Canvas!

* Students must purchase licenses to use Reef polling…license purchases must be coordinated through the UNLV Bookstore or through the student’s Reef account or Reef App.

**An iClicker USB base unit is required if any traditional clickers are used. However, traditional clickers cannot respond to the additional question types available.

Help for Clickers

For technical support, training information, or to get your room ready for i>clicker, please e-mail the IT Help Desk or call (702)895-0777.

Additional Information

Purchasing A Reef License or Clicker Device

Depending on instructor preference, students will either need to purchase a Reef polling license for mobile devices, or a traditional clicker. Both are available at the UNLV Bookstore. It is not recommended to have a “mix” of mobile devices and clickers in class. Choosing one or the other for everyone provides a consistent experience.

Instructors must contact the bookstore to coordinate how many licenses or clickers are required.

Documentation & Downloads


i>Clicker Web Login & Downloads

Instrutors can download the iClicker Cloud mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

Students can download the Reef mobile app on the App Store or Google Play for participating in class polls with their mobile devices.

i>Clicker Guides & Support